Ceramic Heaters Can Help Keep You Warm (and Safe)

Ceramic Heaters Can Help Keep You Warm (and Safe)

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Convection heaters have been around for quite awhile, but the newest style of convection heater is quickly rising in popularity — The ceramic heater provides, quick, circulated heat, and is one of the safer options when it comes to heating your home.

Ceramic heaters main heating elements are made from, as you might expect, ceramic. Ceramic has the great benefit of heating and cooling very quickly, so heat can be generated in a short period of time once the unit is powered on.

Ceramic also disperses heat quite quickly, so once the unit is turned off its temperature drops rapidly. This minimizes the risk of fires and burns, as the unit will be cool to the touch much sooner than typical electric heaters.

So how do they work? Unlike gas or propane heaters, ceramic heaters require an electric current to operate. The electricity from the wall outlet heats up ceramic plates inside the heater. The heat is then transferred to aluminum baffles, and a built-in fan flows the surrounding hot air into your room for a nice, gentle warmth.

A great benefit of ceramic heaters is how easily portable they are. They’re typically very lightweight, and can be used safely just about anywhere you’ve got an outlet. (Just be careful to keep them at least 3 feet away from any flammable items).

On top of all this, ceramic heaters are very energy efficient. They tend to be more efficient than most convection heaters with metal heating elements. Depending on the size of heater, they can easily be used on a tabletop or floor.

Safety is always a big concern with portable heaters. Ceramic heaters have some great safety features that help to minimize fire and burn risks — After switching off the heating elements, the fan continues to run for a few minutes, which quickly cools down the ceramic plates inside the heater. Secondly, most ceramic heaters have a built-in tip sensor, so that if the heater is ever knocked over or tilted, the unit will automatically power off. And unlike your typical propane heater, they give off no harmful gases and pose no asphyxiation risk.

Prices for consumer-level ceramic heaters range from about $30-$60, but the energy savings over traditional electric heaters can help to recoup those costs quickly. To get started, check out the SAFEHEAT Ceramic Heater from Delonghi, or the Windchaser Oscillating Desktop Ceramic Fan Heater from Windchaser Products.

Because they’re very cost effective, efficient, and have plenty of safety advantages, you’ll likely see more and more ceramic heaters on store shelves and online. Their low price point and quick heating capabilities should make them a very attractive option to homeowners.

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