Add a Touch of Luxury to your Patio with a Gas Patio Heater

Add a Touch of Luxury to your Patio with a Gas Patio Heater

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Most of us are used to seeing gas patio heaters in luxurious outdoor restaurant areas and or outside trendy clubs. While you may’ve thought that these impressive heaters were out of reach for the typical homeowner, recent price drops have made it a bit easier to bring this touch of luxury to your home.

Heating your patio, especially in the chilly fall months, just got a bit easier with these luxury patio heaters. Their large domed heating element effectively disperses heat over a large area, and can warm an outdoor eating area, patio table, or poolside area. These heaters are radiant heaters (that is, they warm objects around them rather than the surrounding air). Because of this, they don’t waste energy to heating the outdoor air and instead focus heat where it’s needed most.
While you’re probably familiar with the large, free standing gas patio heaters, smaller and more portable table-top models are also available. They usually run on the 1 lb. propane cylinders, making it a much more portable heater as they don’t require a bulky 20 lb. cylinder or separate gas supply line.

As you might expect, these smaller heaters give off much less heat. However, if you only need to provide enough heat to warm a patio table or two, table-top heaters are a great choice.

Almost all gas patio heaters feature a large parabolic reflector to focus heat. However, some heaters feature an adjustable reflector that allows you to direct the radiant heat to a specific area. For example, check out the new Sahara heater by Calor.

These patio heaters are absolutely fantastic for backyard parties, BBQs, and more. But a quick word for safety — Since they burn propane, they give off exhaust gases that can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. Be sure to only use propane heaters outdoors or in a very well-ventilated area such as a patio or porch. Be certain to follow all manufacturer’s safety and usage instructions.

For additional safety, You’ll also want to be sure to purchase a patio heater with a tip sensor. Similar to those found in indoor propane heaters, these sensors automatically shut the unit off if it’s knocked or tipped over. If children or pets may be playing nearby, this can be an extremely valuable feature.

For an inexpensive, entry-level patio heater, we recommend the 89″ stainless steel patio heater from Living Accents. Available for only $299 from Amazon, this heater has weather-resistant construction and numerous safety features. Unlike many heaters in its price range, it features wheels built in to the base for easy moving and repositioning.

Patio heaters are an inexpensive, efficient way to heat an outdoor area. But most importantly, gas patio heaters have the amazing ability to make your party guests completely jealous of your toasty warm outdoor area.

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