Heat Your Patio this Fall with a Tabletop Propane Heater

Heat Your Patio this Fall with a Tabletop Propane Heater

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In addition to adding a bit of luxury to your patio or outdoor kitchen, patio heaters can help you and your guests stay toasty on a chilly evening. When large, free-standing patio heaters aren’t an option, a wide array of tabletop models are also available, and can provide heat for smaller spaces (and smaller budgets!)

Tabletop Propane Heater Basics

When deciding what style of patio heater to purchase for your space, keep in mind how you plan on using it, and the space that it will be warming. Will you be entertaining larger groups on your deck or patio, or do you primarily just need to provide warmth for you and your family? How large is the space you plan to heat? Is there more than one table or sitting area that you would like to heat? Do you have access to a natural gas line, or could one easily be installed?

Free-standing patio gas heaters are a great choice, but they require either a natural gas line or 20lb. propane cylinders for operation. Plus, they are often a bit too large and can waste energy if installed in a smaller space.

This is where tabletop propane heaters come in. Their compact design and smaller fuel requirements allows them to be used nearly anywhere. They’re best used as a “centerpiece” of an outdoor dining table or coffee table, and can provide heat for the table and the immediate surrounding area.

Fuel, Finish, and Function

Usually these heaters run on the smaller, more portable 1lb. propane cylinders available at retail stores. These cylinders are disposable, so you avoid the hassle of refilling a bulky 20lb. cylinder. Plus, these heaters are immensely portable, so you’re not tied down to one location as you would be with a natural gas heater.

Like most propane heaters, tabletops are rated in BTUs for their total heat output. For instance, a 45,000 BTU unit will heat a space roughly 20 feet in diameter. If you only need to warm a single dining table, you can likely get away with an even smaller and more efficient heater.

What folks enjoy the most about these heaters seems to be their attractive designs and available finishes. These units just look sharp and luxurious on a nice patio table, and they blend nicely with almost any decor. The most popular units come in a nice, weather-resistant stainless steel finish, but you can also find copper, brass, and brushed finishes.

Shopping Tips for Tabletop Propane Heaters

Online vendors such as Amazon and Heater-Home have an enormous array of tabletop heaters for sale, and most of them have a handful of useful reviews and tips. When shopping, keep the following in mind:

  1. Be certain that the heater you’re buying has an auto tip sensor that shuts the unit down if it’s accidentally tipped over. This helps to prevent accidental fires and burns, and is a must-have with most modern space heaters.
  2. If you’re buying a heater for an uncovered deck or patio, we recommend buying a heater that comes with a protective cover. Especially with the nice stainless steel finishes, you don’t want the unit to get scuffed or damaged in a storm.

In addition, be sure to read the recommended square footage information based on the unit’s BTU rating. Buying the right size and correct power output for your heater will help to ensure you will be adequately heating your space, without wasting money from excessive propane usage.

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